Hello, I'm Tomas

Full-stack generalist working with web technologies

I'm currently based in Prague, Czechia working full-time for a local startup in the manufacturing space. In the past, I built and later sold a SaaS project called FeedBear. In some of my free time I work on a side project that will be revelaed soon.

Since college, I always worked with startups. This enabled me to gain expertise in various parts and stages of product development. Having a CS background, I started as frontend developer. That led me to UX/UI design as I wanted my work to be easy to use and beautiful at the same time. Working in small dev teams also introduced me to backend technologies.

I strive to learn different frameworks, architectures, and approaches so I can make an informed choice for a particular problem. Not every little project needs React, same as one probably shouldn't work with plain JS when building a SaaS product.

With that said, when building real products I rely on "boring" tech: stuff I know well so I can be fast and don't make stupid mistakes ... or at least don't make as many of them 😅

  • Frontend: React, Vue.js, Stimulus, plain JS
  • Backend: Ruby on Rails, Next.js
  • Other: JAM stack, static site generators, APIs (REST & GraphQL)

When it comes to design, my experience allows me to combine the best of both worlds: user experience and developer productivity. A bunch of pretty pixels is worthless if it takes a week to build. Creating a design system early on bridges the gap and enables the team to implement beautiful and consistent interfaces.

When I'm not sitting in front of a computer I enjoy mountains (hiking or riding a bike), photography and asian food (mostly eating, but also a little cooking).