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How not to build a startup

This is the story of how I built FeedBear. It’s my first real project I take seriously as a real business. I can’t say that its start was unusual, but I would 100% advise not to repeat my mistakes

Ko Lanta Old Town, Thailand

It has become a common practice for founders to write about their journey of how they built a product. How they got that first customer. Sprinkle some missteps here and there to keep it real and interesting.

This story is different. My path was different. I did many things wrong. Yet despite that, I still managed to build something useful and get that first, happy, paying customer. That was the one thing I did well for sure.

Knowledge is important, but it’s not everything

The name of my college’s masters program I studied was “Service science”. That included marketing, sales, business, finance, everything. I’ve read many books about startups, endless medium...

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