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I co-founded Lunadio as a software development agency back in 2016. We worked mostly with startups – building mobile apps, websites and often also branding. In 2019, Lunadio got acquired by a bigger agency, but we were able to keep the name and the brand. And in 2020, we found out how to continue the misson: help people build meaningful businesses.

We started by simply sharing what we learned. Three guys writing a blog. Determined to write at least one article per week, we slowly but steadily attracted more subscribers. Each of us had an active project and we made it a habit to share and discuss weekly updates together. As we noticed how it helped us focus and solve issues faster, we wanted to invite more people to exprience the same.

Rough timeline

  • 2016, October: Lunadio (the software agency) was born
  • 2019, April: Lunadio (the software agency) got acquired
  • 2020, February: We started writing a weekly blog, sharing what we learned building digital products
  • 2020, August: Lunadio Community portal launched, opening our community to other indie hackers

Tech stack

  • Hosting: Heroku with Cloudflare CDN and Amazon S3 storage / blog on Netlify
  • Backend: Ruby on Rails / blog uses Gatsby with Netlify CMS
  • Frontend: Stimulus

What I learned

First, at the agency, working with a team building startups and being a part of their journey taught me a lot about the product AND the bussiness side of things. That eventually led me to start my own project.

Consistent writing for our blog this year helped me better organize my thoughts and connect with like-minded people. I saw how my writing improved with each published article and how our stories and advice resonated with the audience.

On the technical side, I learned how to publish a lighning-fast site with Gatsby and explored Stimulus as an alternative to client-side frameworks like React or Vue.

And last but not least, managing a growing community of people, talking with them about their wins and struggles allows me to discover something new and exciting every day.

“Valuable insights for any startup and service product designer.”
Hans Kärtner / Indie hacker
“[Lunadio's] content is phenomenal for early-stage startups.”
Royalbogman / Indie hacker
“It gives me joy reading your content. I'd like to work with you in your future projects.”
@thecosmic / Indie hacker